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Hubungan Perilaku Hidup Bersih dan Sehat Rumah Tangga Dengan Kejadian Infeksi Saluran Pernafasan Akut Pada Balita di Puskesmas Pauh Kota Padang Tahun 2019

Rizka Gustiya
Relation between Clean Environment and Healthy Household Behavior with the Incidence of Acute Respiratory Infections in Toddlers at Health Care Pauh Padang in 2019.
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Acute respiratory infections (ARI) is still one of the most health problems in Indonesia. According to the provincial report of West Sumatera, 2017 ISPA still ranks the top 10 diseases of 705,659 cases, in Padang city approximate ISPA sufferers in infants as many as 3,196 cases. Pauh Health Center is one of the Puskesmas which is high incidence ISPA of 2320 cases. The purpose of this research is to see the relationship of PHBS households with the incidence of ISPA in infants at Pauh Health school year 2019.
This method of research is an analytical survey with a cross sectional approach. This research was done in Pauh Health Care in January untill March 2019. The population of this research are all toddlers with 1-4 ages in Pauh Health Care Padang City. Samples that done are 96 people with accidental sampling technique. Data is collected using PHBS questionnaire and for ISPA views from the medical record. Data analysis consists of univariate and bivariate using computerized chi-square test.
The results of family research with PHBS are not good as much as 65.6% and infants diagnosed with the ISPA as much as 56.2%. Sufficient analysis shows there is a relationship of domestic phbs with the incidence of ISPA in infants with P value 0.000.
The conclusion of the research is bad PHBS household as a factor with ARI risk in toddlers. Therefore, health officers are expected to provide counseling on the dangers of smoking especially when there are children in family members. On the other hand, parents are also expected to maintain the environment surrounded with children because it will impact the health of the children.
Keywords : ARI, PHBS
Bibliography : 27 (2008- 2018)


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