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Hubungan Tingkat Pengetahuan dan Sikap Siswi dengan Perilaku Personal Hygiene saat Menstruasi di SMP Negeri 40 Kota Padang Tahun 2019

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Relationship between Level of Knowledge and Attitude with Personal Hygiene Behavior during Menstruation in Junior High School 40 Padang on 2019
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Personal hygiene behavior during menstruation is an action to maintain health and cleanliness in the female sre during menstruation. The lack of personal hygiene during menstruastion spurs the occurence of reproductive tract infections. The highest incidence of ISR occurs in adolescents, they are 35%-42%. The highest cause of this case 77% candida albicans. The purpose of study was determine the relationship between the level of knowledge and attitudes of students with personal hygiene behavior during menstruation in Junior High School 40 Padang,
This study was descriptive analytic method with cross-sectional design. The place of research was conducted at Junior High School 40 Padang. Research conducted in September 2018 until May 2019. The population of this study were all students of Junior High Scholl 40 Padang with 57 students as sample. Samples are taken by systematic random sampling. Data ware collected using a questionnaire. Data analysis consisted of univariate and bivariate with Chi-square test.
The results showed that the students who did poor personal hygiene during menstruation are 56,1%, students who had poor knowledge are 38,6%, students who had a negative attitudes towards personal hygiene behavior during menstruation are 56,1%. The results of bivariate analysis there is correlation between of knowledge level with personal hygiene behavior with p value = 0,000, and there is a significant relationship between attitude with personal hygiene behavior during menstruation with p value = 0,007.
The conclusion of this research, there is correlation of knowledge level and attitudes with personal hygiene behavior during menstruation in junior high school 40 Padang. It is expected that the school cooperates with Padang Ministry of Health Polytechnic which has community service activitiest, to get information especially information about personal hygiene during menstruation and can form PIK-R and School Health Unit Room for exchanging information on reproductions for female students at junior high scool 40 Padang.

Key words : “Level of Knowledge, Attitude, Personal Hygiene behavior during Menstruation”
Bibliography: 36 (2003-2017)


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