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Faktor-Faktor yang Berhubungan dengan Kejadian Obesitas Sentral Pada Pegawai Wanita Dewasa Di Kantor Dinas Kesehatan Kota Pariaman

Azzahra Nadya Putri, 152210716

Factors Related to Central Obesity Rate in Adult Female Employees at Pariaman City Health Office

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Indonesia is currently facing a double burden of nutritional problems, namely the problem of malnutrition and over nutrition. Nutritional intake, physical activity, and use of contraceptives play a role in overweight in a person. Central obesity prevalence of female employees in the Pariaman City Health Office according to Syofiarti's research was 52.4%. This study aims to determine the factors associated with central obesity in adult female employees in Pariaman City Health Office in 2019.

This research was conducted from March 2018 to May 2019 at the Pariaman City Health Office with a cross sectional study design. The entire population was the subject of research with 41 people. Data collection was done by measurement of abdominal circumference and interviews using the SQ-FFQ format and the Baecke questionnaire. Data analysis used a chi-square test with a confidence level of 95%.

The results showed that the factors associated with central obesity in adult female employees in the Pariaman City Office were central obesity (65.9%), energy intake (p = 0.012), protein intake (p = 0.012), fat intake ( p = 0.012), carbohydrate intake (p = 0.012), fiber intake (p = 0.012), contraceptive device use (p = 0.006), and physical activity (p = 0.000)

Due to the high incidence of central obesity in adult women in the Pariaman City Health Office, it is expected that adult female employees and the public, especially adult women, will pay attention to diets both macro nutrient intake, contraceptive use, and physical activity to prevent further complications such as degenerative diseases

Keywords: Central Obesity, Adult Female Employees
Literature : 43 (1982 – 2018)


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