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Gambaran Tempat Penampungan Air Sebagai Perindukan Nyamuk Aedesaegypty Di RW. 07 Kelurahan Gajah Sakti Kecamatan Mandau Kabupaten Bengkalis Tahun 2019


Description of Water Reservoirs as Breeding Place of Aedesaegypty Mosquito at Rw. 07 Gajah Sakti Village, Mandau District, Bengkalis Regency, 2019.
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The common breeding place for the Aedesaegypty mosquito is shaded places where water is flooded. The water where mosquitoes lay eggs must be clean or not directly in contact with the soil. Water reservoirs which still used by people for their daily needs could enable mosquitoes to use them as breeding place. The purpose of this research is to find out the characteristics of Aedesaegypty mosquito breeding place in Rw. 07 Gajah Sakti Village, Mandau District.
This research uses descriptive research design. Data was collected in Rw.07 during April-May 2019 with sampling method of 122 proportionally random houses. Data was obtained from observation sheets and processed using the free larvae (Angka Bebas Jentik/ABJ) formula.
The results of the study were TPA 253 (88.1%), 36 non-water reservoirs (12.6%) and 5 natural water reservoirs (1.7%). Larva free numbers (ABJ) obtained were 65.6%. It was still below the minimum value of ABJ is (95%).
It is advised for people to monitor water reservoirs that could lead to be a breeding place for Aedes Aegypty mosquitoes, and to pay more attention to the cleanliness of houses and the surrounding, such as drain water reservoirs (1 X a week), close water reservoirs and recycling used goods that could hold stagnant water to prevent them to be mosquito's breeding places.

Keywords: Aedesegypty, Characteristics of water reservoirs, density
Bibliography: 11 (2008-2018)


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