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Studi Deskriptif tentang Kepadatan Lalat di Daerah Pemukiman Koto Tangah Kota Pariaman Tahun 2018

PADAL USMAN (151110064)

Descriptive Study of Flies Density in the Koto Tangah Settlement Area of ​​ Pariaman in 2018

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Garbage is something that is not used, not used, is not liked or something that is discarded that comes from human activities and does not happen by itself. Garbage is one indicator of an environment, and a dirty environment is a place that flies like. Flies are a type of insect from the Order of the Ark (derived from the Greek meaning two and ptera means wing). Flies are one of the important vectors in the spread of disease in humans, and also the life of flies can not be separated from human life. This study aims to determine the level of fly density by using a flygrill in the Koto Tangah residential area of ​​ Pariaman.
This research is descriptive by describing the level of fly density in the Koto Tangah Settlement in Pariaman City conducted on June 4-10, 2018. The subjects in this study were all flies in the Koto Tangah Settlement in Pariaman with the object, namely the number of flies perched at the 24-inch flygrill at the polling station and the Koto Tangah Settlement area.
The results showed that the average density of flies in temporary collection place in Pariaman Market was 2.65 with a high level of fly density while the average level of fly density in the Koto Tangah Settlement was 1.83 with a low level of fly density.
Therefore, security is needed and implementing environmental sanitation hygiene so as not to breed flies so as not to cause diseases caused by flies.

BIBLIOGRAPHY, 11 (2009-2017)
Keywords: Rubbis, flies


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