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Analisis Higiene Dan Sanitasi Industri Rumah Tangga Tape Singkong Di Kelurahan Nan Balimo Kota Solok Tahun 2019

Della Aprilia
Analysis Of Hygiene And Sanitation Of Fermented Cassava Household Industry In The Village Of Nan Balimo Solok City In 2019
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Food sanitation is an effort for the prevention of the possibility of growing and breeding of spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms in food, beverage, equipment and buildings that can damage and endanger human food. Fermented Cassava is one of the traditional foods that are popular with many people. Based on observations conducted researcher to IRT fermented cassava found that some fermented cassava industry does not meet the requirements of hygiene and sanitation have been set. The aim of research for analyzing of hygiene and sanitation of fermented cassava household industry.
This study included descriptive study using observation method through evaluation sheets and interviews to employees fermented cassava IRT. This research describes, record, analyze, and interpret conditions occur. Variables examined included IRT environmental sanitation, building sanitation and kitchen facilities, product storage, production equipment, basic sanitation, and hygiene of employees.
The results of the hygiene research of cassava tape IRT in Nan Balimo Village were all (100%) cassava tape home industries categorized as less. While for the sanitation conditions of fermented cassava IRT in Nan Balimo Village that is 75% categorized as sufficient and 25% categorized as less. This result can be ranked based on each variable and subvariable.

It is concluded that the sanitary conditions have IRT 3 are categorized enough 1 as a less category. All fermented cassava home industry are categorized as less for employee hygiene. Advice should be the owner improve the completeness of the production room, equipment used, and hygiene and sanitation facilities used during the manufacture of fermented Cassava.

Keywords: Analysis, Hygiene, Sanitation, Fermented Cassava
Reference: 26 (2001-2018)


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