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Perbedaan Kadar Timbal (Pb) Minyak Jelantah Sebelum dan Sesudah Adsorpsi dengan Menggunakan Ampas Tebu Tahun 2019

Vivia Hermiza

Difference in Lead Content of Used Cooking Oil Before and After Adsorption Using Bagasse Pulp in 2019

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The process of this system required large quantities of oil because fried food must be submerged in oil and the temperature reached 200-250˚C. The use of cooking oil in large quantities caused the oil often to be used repeatedly as saving production costs. After the oil was used, it would be through a change of quality which caused the cooking oil to be unworthy using anymore. In order for reused cooking oil to be reused, it needed to do secondary treatment by using the adsorption method.
This research was conducted by using experimental research which it used the pre test-post test control groupdesign to measure lead levels in used cooking oil before treatment and after the treatment of soaking with bagasse in the experimental group, and in the control group there was no treatment. Data were analyzed using one way anova test.
The results showed that there were significant differences between lead levels (Pb) of used cooking oil before and after adsorption with a variety of bagasse weighing 3 grams, 5 grams, and 7,5 grams for 2 x 24 hours with a value of 0,001 where the highest decrease in bagasse 7,5 grams although not maximal in reducing lead levels (Pb) of used cooking oil.
The Central Office of POM was expected to be more in controlling of the use of recurrent bulk cooking oil which was used by fried food trader so as not to endanger public health. The community also was expected to be more careful in choosing fried foods sold on the street.

Key words: Used cooking oil, lead, bagasse, adsorption
Bibliography : 30 (2006-2017)


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