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Identifikasi Bahaya, Penilaian Dan Pengendalian Risiko Pada Proses Produksi Di PT. Tirta Investama AQUA Solok Menggunakan Metode Jsa Tahun 2019

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Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control in the Production Process at PT. Tirta Investama AQUA Solok Uses the JSA Method in 2019

viii + 97 pages, 51 tables, 4 diagrams, 6 attachments

In 2016 there were work accident cases at PT. Tirta Investama AQUA in 4 cases, in 2017 there were 1 case, and in 2018 there were work accident cases at PT. Tirta Investama AQUA in 1 case. From the data described there is a consistency of work accidents at PT. Tirta Investama AQUA for the last 3 years.
This research is a quantitative quantitative research with a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) approach conducted at the manufacturing department at PT. Tirta Investama from January - February 2019. The population in the study was 140 workers with a sample of 32 respondents. Data collection is done through observation with the JSA table. Univariate data analysis.
This study states that there is one stage of work that has a very high level of risk (15-25) in the operational part of Wt, seven stages of work that have high risk (5-16) in the material supply section, there are no high risk stages in the product packing section 600 ml, but there is still a moderate risk (3-10), all stages have a high risk (5-16) in the 1500 ml product packing section, two stages at very high risk (15-25) in the labeller section, two stages at very high risk (15-25) in the vario pack machine, all stages that have high risk (5-16) in the manual handling section, the risky work stages are very high (15-25) in the packing finish section.
To reduce the level of risk that exists, the company should make a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that is simple, clear and easy to understand by workers for each part of the manufacturing department, increasing supervision of workers who will control the engine panel in the operation of the manufacturing department and K3 promotion to workers to increase worker awareness and compliance with K3 regulations.

Bibliography : 26 (1970 - 2017)
Keywords : job safety analysis, level of risk.


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