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Hubungan Karakteristik Kepala Keluarga Dengan Kebiasaan Buang Air Besar Sembarangan Di Jorong Paraman Ampalu Kabupaten Pasaman Barat Tahun 2019

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Relationship Characteristic Of Head Family With Open Defecation FreeBehavior In Jorong Paraman Ampalu West Pasaman District Year 2019

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Open defecation habits is the practice of a person related to the excreta disposal activity including, excreta disposal area and qualified stool health management and how to do a healthy defecation process so it does not cause adverse health affects.ParamanAmpalu has a river that runs along the area. People use the river to meet their daily needs such as toilet washing. The river is also used by the community as a place to dispose of garbage and family waste. This condition is a phenomenon that can be seen every day, especially in the morning and evening.This study aims to determine the relations between characteristics of head family with open defecation free habits in Jorong Paraman Ampalu west pasaman district.

This research used survey analytical methode cross sectional design. The population in this study was all heads of families in Jorong Paraman Ampalu. Based on the calculation of sample size, sample size required is 89. Sampling technique using simple random sampling, analysis using Chi- Square.

Results shows significant relationship between Education p = 0,014;OR = 3,300, Knowladge p = 0,044;OR = 2,618, Revenue p = 0,037;OR = 4,667, Attitude p = 0,044;OR = 2,618 with Open Defecation Free (ODF) behavior.

Suggestion given in this research is better health officer do counseling about healty way to defecate and do trigger as an effort in reduce of Open Defecation Free behavior in Jorong Paraman Ampalu West Pasaman District.

Keywords : Charakteristic Of Head Family, Open Defecation Free
Literature : 28 (2003-2017)


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