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Hubungan Faktor Personal Hygiene dan Keberadaan Tungau Debu Rumah dengan Kejadian Dermatitis Atopik pada Santriwati di Pemondokan Pondok Pesantren Adlaniyah Ujung Gading Tahun 2019

Fitni Hidayati

The Relationship of Personal Hygiene Factor and The Presence of house dut mites with the incidence of Atopic Dermatitis in santriwati at the lodging of Ujung Gading Modern Adlaniyah Islamic Boarding School in 2019.

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Atopic dermatitis is a chronic and residual skin inflammation disease that is itchy and effects the body, which can interfere with daily activities. Atopic dermatitis occurs due to predisposing factors and precipitating factors. One of the factors that can trigger atopic dermatitis is house dust mites. In addition, poor personal hygiene is a medium of transmission and development of house dust mites that cause atopic dermatitis. This study aims to determine the relationship of personal hygiene factors and the prevalence of house mites with incident atopic dermatitis in santriwati at the lodging of Ujung Gading Modern Adlaniyah Islamic Boarding School in 2019.

This type of research is observational using a case control approach. Samples were obtained as many as 44 people (22 sample cases and 22 control samples). Data analysis was done by univariate and bivariate with Chi Square test.
Based on the results of statistical tests, showed that there was a significant relationship between the cleanliness of clothes (p = 0.002), cleanliness of towels (p = 0.002), cleanliness of beds (p = 0.003),personal hygiene (p=0,016) and the presence of house dust mites (p = 0.002) with the incidence of dermatitis atopik in female students in boarding the Ujung gading Adlaniyah Islamic boarding school in 2019.

Based on the results of the study, it is advisable for the Ujung Gading Adlaniyah Islamic Boarding School to work with the Ujung Gading Puskesmas to provide more information about atopic dermatitis and personal hygiene through counseling to students, and students to improve personal hygiene, especially for changing clothes, do not wear towels together and hang mattresses and sheets in the hot sun.

Keywords : Atopic dermatitis, personal hygiene factors, and the presence of house dust mites
Reading list : 19 ( 2002-2018)


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