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Analisis Risiko Gangguan Kesehatan Non Karsinogenik Akibat Paparan Karbon Monoksida (CO) di Udara pada Penjaga Toko di Sepanjang Jalan Moh.Yamin Kota Padang Tahun 2019

Intan Husnul Khotimah (151210679)
Risk Analysis of Non-Carcinogenic Health Problems Due to Exposure to Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the Air at Shopkeepers Along Moh. Yamin Street, Padang City in 2019
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Carbon monoxide (CO) was a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas produced by incomplete combustion of carbon-containing materials. Poisoning of CO gas was caused by the formation of carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) in the blood. The reduced supply of oxygen throughout the body would cause shortness of breath and could cause death if it did not immediately get fresh air Moh. Yamin Street is one of the main sources of livelihoods for the people of Padang City where this location has very high mobility in the transportation sector which inevitably results in CO due to the burning of motorized vehicles. This study aimed to analyze the risk of non-carcinogenic health problems due to exposure of Carbon Monoxide (CO) to shopkeepers along Moh. Yamin Street Padang City in 2019.
The research design of this study was an analytical research which analyzes the risk of non-carcinogenic health problems due to exposure of Carbon Monoxide (CO) to shopkeepers along Moh. Yamin Street Kota Padang in 2019.
The result of this study showed that the average concentration of CO for point 1 in front of Kubang Hayuda Restaurant was 14,326 mg/m3, for point 2 in front of the SPR Plaza was 14,462 mg/m3, and for point 3 in front of the Dunia Tekstil was 14,679 mg/m3. The risk characterization was done to determine whether the risk of a risk agent causing disruption or not. The RQ value of real time was 0,0001424369 and for the RQ of lifetime was 0,0005814434. The value of RQ ≤ 1 meant that the CO concentration in Moh. Yamin Street was not disruption to health.
It is expected that regional governments can monitor and monitor pollution parameters in order to reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

Key words: RQ, Non carcinogenic
Bibliography: 22 (1999-2018)


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