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Pengaruh Penyuluhan Dengan Media Teka Teki Silang Terhadap Pengetahuan dan Sikap Tentang Anemia Defisiensi Zat Besi pada Siswa Kelas VIII di SMPN 25 Kota Padang Tahun 2019

Hilda Diniyati, 152210724

The Effect Of Counseling With Cross Puzzle Media on Knowledge and Attitudes Regarding About Iron Deficiency Anemia in Class VIII Students at Junior High School 15 Padang City 2019

vii + 57 pages, 7 tables, 1 draw, 12 Appendix


Based on the data of Health Office of Padang City in 2016 showed the prevalence of anemia risk for female students at all junior high school students in the city of Padang at an risk of anemia by 8.6% and the prevalence of the risk of anemia in students of SMPN 15 Padang city by 19%. The majority of youngsters (69% of female and 56% of mel) do not know the true meaning of anemia itself. The lack of female’s knowledge about anemia will obviously contribute to putting their reproductive health at risk later on. Therefore, health education through anemia counseling has to be done to prevent anemia on teenager girls. This study aimed to determine the effect of counseling process with crossword puzzles media towards knowledge and attitudes about iron deficiency anemia in class VIII female students at SMPN 15 Padang city.

The method used in this study was pre-Experiment Design using one group pretest-posttest design. The data population was all female students in class VIII at SMPN 15 Padang City, the calculation of the samples was done using numerical categorical formula by wich resulted 20 samples that was selected by non random sampling method which speciafically is purposive sampling.

In the analysis, the p value obtained using the paired sample t dependent is 0.000 (p0.005, this H0 is accepted so that there is no significant difference. This indicates that there was no effect of counseling using crossword puzzle media on female students attitudes about iron deficiency anemia.

Hopefully, the school can provide knowledge about health through extracurricular activities, and crossword media to become such a platform conveying information about health.

Keywords : Counseling, crossword puzzle, knowledge and attitude, iron deficiency anemia
Literature : 42 (2002-2019)


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