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Hubungan Pola Konsumsi Lemak Dengan Kadar Glukosa Darah Pada Pasien Diabetes Melitus Tipe II Di Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Alai Padang Tahun 2019

Yosa Oktari Syahda
Relation between Fat Consumption Pattern with Blood Glucose Level in Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus in the Alai Padang Health Center Working Area in 2019.
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Diabetes is a series of chronic metabolic disorders due to the pancreas not producing enough insulin, resulting in an increase in the concentration of glucose in the blood. Indonesia is the fifth country in the world with 8.5 million diabetics and in Padang City in 2017 there are 1501 patients. Diabetes Mellitus Associated with Habits of high fat consumption than the recommended number. This study was conducted to see the relation between fat consumption pattern with blood glucose levels in patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus.
Analytical research with the Cross Sectional Study design was carried out in the Alai Padang Health Center Working Area in December 2018 - June 2019. Samples totaling 21 people were taken by purposive sampling method. Data collected on fat intake obtained from interviews using form FFQ and Recall 2x24 hours and blood glucose levels obtained from laboratory test results. The data obtained was processed by computerization and analyzed to see the relation between variables with the Corellate Pearson test.
The results showed that 38.1% of respondents had more fat intake and 81% of respondents had high blood glucose. The results of statistical tests showed that there was a strong relation between fat intake and blood glucose levels in patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus.
It is recommended for Diabetes Mellitus patients at Alai Padang Health Center to maintain fat consumption patterns according to the recommended amount. And suggestions for future researchers to examine the relation of blood glucose levels with the intake of saturated and unsaturated fats.
Keywords: Fat intake, blood glucose level
Bibliography: 14 (2001 - 2018)


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