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Mutu Organoleptik dan Kadar Protein Dendeng Jantung Pisang Subtitusi Ikan Lele

Yunita Maulidha

Organoleptic Quality and Beef Jerky Banana Protein Level Substitution of Catfish

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       The heart of a banana is a vegetable ingredient that comes from the tip of a banana flower that remains when other parts grow into bananas, the heart of a banana is rich in carbohydrates. Catfish is a freshwater fish that is very popular among the community because it contains a lot of protein. If these foods are combined, they produce food with better nutritional value, one type of food that can be processed is jerky. Dendeng is one of the staple foods that is loved by the community, but jerky is known to have relatively expensive prices. The purpose of this study is to diversify food, which is to make banana heart jerky substitute catfish and to find out how the average acceptability of organoleptic quality and protein content in banana heart jerky.
This type of research is experimental research using a completely randomized design with 1 control and 3 treatments, with 2 repetitions. Observations were carried out objectively, namely the determination of the levels of banana heart jerky and subjective protein, namely the assessment of organoleptic quality using the hedonic test. Protein content testing was carried out at the Padang Industrial Standardization Center (Baristand). The data obtained were carried out by analysis of variance (ANOVA) and a real different treatment was continued with DMNRT test with a level of 5%.
The organoleptic test results obtained from banana heart jerky are the tendency of increasing panelist preference for color (2.96-3.48), taste (2.86-3.92), aroma (3.02-3.62), and texture (3.04-3.68) of jerky produced. The best results from the substitution of catfish meat against banana heart jerky on color, aroma, taste and texture are in treatment D (100: 100), with protein content obtained which is 29.81%.
The conclusion is that the best treatment of beef heart jerky substitute catfish is in treatment D with the level of preference of panelists in the category of likes. It is recommended that the next research in making banana heart jerky with raw material of catfish can produce a better banana heart jerky.

Keywords: Jerky, Banana Heart, Catfish.
Bibliography 35 (1995-2019)


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