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Gambaran Kebiasaan Konsumsi Makanan Selingan Mahasiswa Jurusan Gizi Usia Remaja di Poltekkes Kemsenkes RI Padang Tahun 2019

Sari Dinda Wulandari Nasution

An Overview of the Habits of Intermediate Food Consumption by Students of the Nutrition Department of Youth Age at the Polytechnic of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in Padang in 2019

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One of the eating habits of adolescents at this time is the habit of consuming distant foods, given the increase in physical activity experienced in adolescence, so that they need nutrients through interfering food intake. This change in eating habits also occurs in students as a group of individuals in the late adolescent stage. Students often skip the main meal time and replace the main meal by consuming intermittent food to delay hunger. This study aims to describe the interdisciplinary food consumption habits of Nutrition Department Students in adolescence at the Padang Ministry of Health Polytechnic.

This study uses a descriptive research method that uses a cross sectional design with a quantitative approach. Sampling is done using the Simple Random Sampling method. The sample in this study was 47 Nutrition Department students in their teens. Data on the type and frequency of intercalated foods were collected using FFQ while data on intercalated nutrient intake using Food Recall 24 hours

Based on the results of the study, the types of intercalated food consumed by students have all been varied, but based on the frequency of consumption of interlude food students are included in the category often because> 2 times / day is 95.7%. The amount of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate and Vit C intake is mostly more than the interdated food consumption needs, which are 91.5%, 85.1%, 97.9%, 78.7% and 87.2%, while the amount of fiber and iron intake (fe) most of them are less than intermittent food consumption needs which are equal to 80.9% and 78.7%.

It is recommended to conduct further research by looking at the consumption of staple foods so that they are known to fulfill the needs of the consumption of one day student of the Nutrition Department of adolescents at the Ministry of Health Polytechnic in Padang.

Keywords: Type, Frequency, Amount
Bibliography: 33 (1989-2018)


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