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Gambaran Asupan Karbohidrat dan Kebiasaan Makan pada Remaja Obesitas di SMAN 9 Padang Kecamatan Pauh Tahun 2019

Silvia Jumniati

Description of Intake Carbohydrates and Eating Habits in Obesity Teens in SMAN 9 Padang District Pauh in 2019

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Indonesia is currently facing multiple nutritional problems. This means that the problem of malnutrition is still not fully resolved, while the problem of excess nutrition has emerged. Excess nutrition can cause obesity which can occur in children up to adulthood. The 2007 Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) said the percentage of nutritional status of the adult population (15 years and over) for West Sumatra Province is 8.4%, and according to the Padang City Health Office data in 2017, based on 23 working areas in the city of Padang, five which has the highest prevalence of obesity, namely SMAN 9 Padang at 9, 3%. This study aims to look at an overview of carbohydrate intake and eating habits in obese adolescents at SMAN 9 Padang in 2019.

This research was conducted with a cross sectional study design. Performed at SMAN 9 Padang in August 2018 until June 2019. Samples were taken by accidental sampling and a sample of 33 people was obtained. The primary data in this study were anthropometric measurements, measuring intake using the Food Recall 2 x 24 hour form and form food frequency (ffq) to measure eating habits. Data analysis uses univariate analysis.

The results of this reseach obtained respondents who were categorized as obesity, type I obesity status was 45.5% and type II obesity 54.5%. Excessive total carbohydrate intake is 9.1%, simple carbohydrates over 84.8%. For poor eating habits, that is 48.5% and for good eating habits is 51.5%.

It is recommended for obese adolescents at SMAN 9 Padang to consume food in accordance with the principles of balanced nutrition and limit consumption of simple carbohydrates. As well as for the school, it was suggested through UKS activities to be able to provide counseling in the form of balanced nutrition information and the dangers of obesity. For further researchers can develop this research by measuring other variables that influence obesity.

Key Words : Obesity, Total Carbohydrates, Simple, Eating Habits
Bibliography : 33 (2001-2017)


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