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Mutu Organoleptik Dan Uji Kadar Protein Pada Nugget Ikan Teri

Shafira Noveralda

Organoleptic Quality and Protein Level Test on Anchovy Nugget
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Diversification or diversification is an effort to provide and consume food with a diverse and varied menu. Diverse means the menu consists of only a variety of food ingredients. Varied means that the type of material presented from time to time is not the same alternately but still varies so as to avoid boredom. One product that can be diversified is fishery products which in this case can be called fresh fish raw materials which are added with several other additives such as flour, and other spices. The purpose of this study is to determine the organoleptic quality and protein content in nuggets anchovy.
The type of research used is experimental research that is by making a treatment of making nuggets with anchovy with a certain ratio then looking at the organoleptic quality and protein content.The design of this study uses a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) by giving 4 types of treatment. This study will be conducted with two repetitions to obtain the average value of panelists' preference for treated anchovy nuggets. The time and place of organoleptic quality testing is carried out at the Food Technology Laboratory (ITP) and carried out in August 2018 until July 2019. Processing data used analysis of variance (ANOVA) at the level of 5% and if there is a difference followed by DNMRT test level 5 %.
The results of this study indicate that the average panelist acceptance of color, aroma, taste and texture of anchovy nuggets is at the level of liking. From the average it can be concluded that the best treatment is by adding 200 grams of anchovy. The results of statistical tests showed that there were significant differences in the color, texture and taste of anchovy nuggets and there was no significant difference in the aroma of anchovy nuggets, so it was continued with the DNMRT test at the level of 5%. The protein content of anchovy nuggets at the best treatment was 12.29%.
It is recommended in the manufacture of anchovy nuggets using treatment B by giving 200 grams of anchovy because this treatment is most preferred by panelists.

Keywords : Anchovy Nugget, organoleptic quality and protein content.
Bibliography: 33 (1995-2017)


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