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Gambaran Pengetahuan Ibu, Pola Asuh Makan Pada Anak Stunted Di Sdn 22 Andalas Kecamatan Padang Btimur Kota Padang Tahun 2018

Rota Oktaviana

Stunting is a growth disorder caused by malnutrition in a long time since the beginning of the fetus up to the first 2 years of life. Basic health survey 2007 (Riskesdas) showed that the prevalence of stunting in North Tapanuli district was 61.2% as the fifth in Indonesia. The purpose of this study to is know the risk factors that cause stunting among of primary school children.

This is an observational study with case-control design of first grade of primary school children. Samples of cases amounted to 78 people of children who are stunted and control samples amounted to 78 people with normal nutritional status as used similar characteristik on sex, age, and the school. The effect of that risk faktor on stunting were analyzed with conditional logistic reggression.

The results showed that the history of rearing eating pattern (OR=16,7;PAR=64,4), family economics (OR=15,9 ; PAR=74,1), and frequency of diarrhea (OR=3,9; PAR=55,8) were the dominant risk factor for stunting.

To reduce the risk factors for stunting, it is recommended to increse budged for public nutrition improvement program, develop preventing of nutrition community programs through behavior change positive defiance by the post of nutrition in each village,revitalition of the posyadu, activity of the Usaha Kesehatan Sekolah (UKS) as a medium of education for the students to get information about health care and nutrition.

Key Words: Stunting, Primary School Children, Nutritional Status


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