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Mutu Organoleptik Bakso Bakar dengan Suplementasi Tempe Sebagai Jajanan Tinggi Protein dan Kalsium


Organoleptic Quality of Bakso Bakar with Tempe Supplement as High Protein and Calcium Snacks

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Meatballs are food made from meat as the main ingredient. Meatballs are usually consumed by children as snacks. While the nutritional content contained in grilled meatballs is more dominant in carbohydrates. Because children are still in growth it is very necessary to consume nutritious foods. For this reason, the bakso is supplemented with grilled meatballs to increase the protein and calcium content by adding it with tempeh. The purpose of this study was to determine the average value of the level of preference for color, aroma, taste, texture and organoleptic quality of grilled meatballs with tempe supplementation, and to determine the protein and calcium content after supplementation with tempeh.
This type of research is an experiment using a Completely Randomized Design (CRD) consisting of 3 treatments, 1 control, and 2 repetitions. The making of grilled meatballs and organoleptic tests was carried out at the Food Technology Laboratory of the Department of Nutrition of the Health Ministry of Padang, and protein and calcium levels were carried out at Baristand Industri Padang on April 22, 2019. Observations were made on organoleptic quality, protein and calcium levels. Data were analyzed by Variety Analysis (ANOVA), if significantly different continued with DNMRT Test at the level of 5%.
The results showed that the average organoleptic quality of grilled meatballs in terms of color, aroma, taste and texture were at the level of likes. The results of the organoleptic test obtained the best results, namely treatment C with supplementation of tempe 30 gr. Based on the variance test there was a significant difference between the treatment in terms of taste and texture, so it was continued with the DNMRT test at the level of 5%. The best treatment protein content was 5.37% and the best treatment calcium level was 0.0110%.
It is recommended to conduct research with food ingredients high in protein and calcium to meet the needs of children and see the storage capacity of meatballs that have been supplemented with tempeh.

Keywords: Meatballs, Tempeh, Organoleptic, Protein, Calcium
Reading list: 27 (2002-2018)


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