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Gambaran Pola Konsumsi Purin dan Lemak Pada Penderita Hiperurisemia di Puskesmas Lubuk Begalung Kota Padang Tahun 2019

Laila Turrahmi

Description of Purine and Fat Consumption Patterns in Hyperuricemia Patients in Lubuk Begalung Health Center, Padang City in 2019

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Hyperuricemia is an increase in uric acid levels in the blood that is above normal. Consumption of high purine is one of the factors causing hyperuricemia, high purine foods will increase uric acid levels. West Sumatra is also famous for its culinary delicacies with high taste, how to process food is also synonymous with the use of oil and coconut milk. Consumption of excess fat can increase uric acid, thus inhibiting urinary excretion through urine. This study aims to describe the consumption patterns of purines and fats in patients with Hyperuricemia in the Lubuk Begalung Health Center in Padang City in 2019.
This research is a descriptive study with a cross sectional design. This research was conducted from December 2018 to May 2019. The research sample was taken by accidental sampling technique. The number of samples in this study was obtained from the results of finite calculations, with a total sample size of 34 patients and added 10% of the sample to avoid sample shortages. This study only looked at the picture of purine and fat consumption patterns in patients with Hyperuricemia at the Lubuk Begalung Health Center in Padang City in 2019.
Based on the results of the study it was found that Hyperuricemia patients in the Lubuk Begalung Health Center in Padang City were mostly female hyperuricemia (63.2%), Almost all respondents had more purine intake (84.2%), often consuming high purine types (50% ) and often consume moderate purine types (65.8%), as well as rare frequency of eating (92.1%). Almost all respondents have sufficient amount of fat intake (100%), often consuming trans fat in the form of oil (55.3%) often consuming coconut milk (65.8%), and rarely consuming fat types (63.2%), and eating frequency which is often (76.3%).
Based on the results of the study it was suggested that the Lubuk Begalung Health Center in Padang City be able to provide nutritional counseling or health consultation for Hyperuricemia patients about recommended and not recommended foods and motivate patients to take a low purine diet and low fat diet.

Keywords: Hyperuricemia, Pattern of Purine Consumption, Fat
Bibliography 35 (2009-2018)


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