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Hubungan Faktor Manusia Dengan Kecelakaan Kerja Pada Karyawan Bagian Produksi Di PT. Inkud Agritama Kecamatan Kinali Kabupaten Pasaman Barat Tahun 2018

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Relation Human Factors to Occupational Accident in the Production Section Employees at the PT. Inkud Agritama Kinali District in the West Pasaman Regency 2018

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Nowadays more and more we encounter companies or industries that use modern equipment to be able to do their work, therefore certain requirements are demanded so that workers can avoid the consequences of workplace accidents, both from environmental factors and from human factors themselves. The purpose of this study was to study the relation human factors to occupational accident in the production section employees at the PT. Inkud Agritama Kinali District in the West Pasaman Regency 2018
Descriptive analytic research with cross-sectional design. The research was conducted in September - December 2018. The population won 87 workers and the sample was all people from 87 workers. Data analysis using univariate and bivariate analysis. Data is presented in the form of frequency tables and cross tables.
Based on the results of research obtained from large young companies (16-35 years), workers with long service life periods with 67 workers, 39 low-income workers, dominant have negative attitudes and more dominantly behave badly. The relationship between factors of age, years of service, knowledge, attitudes and behavior of workers against the challenges of accidents.
It is expected that the company to approve the rules and programs of Occupational health and safety, induces (training) every workforce before being accepted into the company in minimizing acceptable work accidents. It is hoped that for workers to increase knowledge about the hazards needed by the work process at PT. Inkud Agritama through training provided by the company in the form of an On Job Training (OJT). It is expected that workers pay more attention to work safety signs, Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that apply in the production work area of ​​PT. Inkud Agritama.

Keywords: Human Factors, Occupational Accident
Bibligrafi : 29 (1970-2016)


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