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Gambaran Timbulan Sampah Untuk Proses Pengomposan Di Jorong Jambak Nagari Bunga Tanjung Kabupaten Tanah Datar Tahun 2019

Description of Waste Generation for the Composting Process in Jorong Jambak Nagari Bunga Tanjung Tanah DatarRegency Year 2019
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Garbage that is increasingly accumulating due to the population growth rate which is increasing every year causes waste generation to become one of the factors that can affect the environment and health. Most of the people of Nagari Bunga Tanjung carry out waste management by burning, dumping it directly into the river and dumping it into vacant land so that this action can cause environmental pollution. This study aims to look at the description of the generation of waste for the composting process in Jorong, Nagari Bunga Tanjung, Tanah Datar District.
The design of this study is descriptive, which describes waste generation in Jorong Jambak Nagari Bunga Tanjung, Tanah Datar Regency in 2019. The population in this study were households in Jorong Jambak Nagari Bunga Tanjung, a population of 222 families, a sample of 44 households taken using random sampling techniques. The data obtained was analyzed univariately.
The results of this study indicate the average weight of waste generation for seven days as much as 0.29 kg / person / day which according to SNI 19-3983-1995 based on the classification of small cities the amount of waste generation is smaller than the range per person per day and is obtained on average organic waste 37.1 Kg / day and inorganic waste 12.5 Kg / day. The results of waste composting carried out for 10 days until the compost is cooked and ready to use.
Expectations from researchers for the people of Jorong Jambak Nagari Bunga Tanjung Tanah Datar regency to manage waste is more useful as organic waste is processed into compost and recycled inorganic waste.

Keywords: Waste generation, composting
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