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Gambaran Pengetahuan, Sikap, Dan Tindakan Masyarakat Tentang Pemeliharaan Sarana BAB Di Kampung Sawah Labuah Kecamatan Koto XI Tarusan Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan Tahun 2019

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"Description of the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Actions of society Regarding Maintenance of Defecation Facilities in Kampung Sawah Labuah, Koto XI tarusan subdistrict Pessel, 2019"

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The environment has a very big role in improving health status, efforts to eradicate disease begin in a healthy environment. Health development aims to increase awareness, willingness and ability to live healthy for every resident. One of the factors that shows a high and low morbidity rate in a region is caused by a low level of public awareness. Pollution of feces / faeces is the main source of viruses, bacteria and other pathogens that cause diarrhea. The pollution pathway is known so that contaminants can reach the human mouth, including toddlers are through 4f namely fluids (water), fields (soil), flies (flies), and fingers (fingers / hands).
This type of research is descriptive which describes the knowledge, attitudes, and actions of society regarding maintenance of defecation facilities in Kampung Sawah Labuah Subdistrict Koto XI Tarusan Selatan Coastal District in 2019. Samples in the study were chosen to represent the population of the family head.
The results of measuring knowledge, attitudes and actions of the society in maintaining BAB facilities were based on a low level of knowledge of 61.2% and a high of 38.8%. Based on a negative attitude 63.3% and 36.7% positive. As well as poor maintenance of defecation facilities 63.3% and good 37.7%.
It is expected that the society will further enhance their knowledge, attitudes and actions in maintaining defecation facilities.

Keywords : Defecation Facilities
Bibliography : 13 (2010-2017)


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