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Studi Deskriptif Kandungan Boraks Pada Bakso Yang DiJual Pedagang Di Tarusan Kabupaten Pesisir Selatan Tahun 2019

Dwi Puspita Sari

Descriptive study of the content of The Meatballs On Sale Boraks Traders in Tarusan South Pesisir Regency of the year 2019
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Based on Permenkes RI No. 033 Year 2012 of Addictives, Boraks is the chemical compound banned its use on food because it may cause danger to health. As for the physical traits of meatballs sold in Tarusan i.e. There is often a hard and there was a chewy, these meatballs durability during the 3 days (at room temperature), there is a color of gray, Brown and there is also the creature tends to whitish. However there remains suspicion and kekhwatiran of the behavior and the application of the concept of trade, trade that concept bahwan profiteers expresses every detail with a capital. Therefore, researchers want to see if there is a womb boraks on meatballs sold in the South Pesisir Regency Tarusan Year 2019.
The study was descriptive in nature and that is to know of any content on boraks meatballs. This research was carried out in December 2018-June 2019. The object of this research was the Meatballs in the get from 7 merchants meatballs sold in Tarusan, then examination of samples in the laboratory doing in LLDIKTI region of X field, data processing was done manually i.e. inspection results have been done in the form of tables and narratives.
Based on the research that has been done can be seen that the meatballs sold in Tarusan no containing boraks upon inspection has been performed in the laboratory of LLDIKTI Region 10 field.
Need supervision, socialization, as well as outreach to the community by the Department of health about the characteristics of the foodstuff containing boraks, so that the public is more cautious in buying or consuming food containing ingredients dangerous

Keywords: Boraks, Meatball
bibliography: 14 (2006-2017)


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