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Gambaran Pengetahuan dan Sikap Masyarakat terhadap Buang Air Besar di Jorong Tigo Kampuang Wilayah Kerja Puskesmas Simpati Kabupaten Pasaman Tahun 2019

Fahri Desta Wandri

Overview of Knowledge and Attitudes of the Community towards Defecation in Jorong Tigo Kampuang Working Area of Simpati Health Center Pasaman Regency in 2019
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Health degrees are influenced by environmental factors, behavior, health services, health behavior is influenced by a person's knowledge, attitudes, and habits in maintaining health. Based on WHO, the world's population still defecates in open areas, from the above data, 81% of the population is Open Defecation. The results of the 2013 Riskesdas on the proportion of households based on the use of defecation facilities. National average defecation behavior in latrines in West Sumatra (29%)
This research is descriptive. Data collection was carried out in Jorong Tigo Kampuang, the work area of Simpati Health Center, Pasaman Regency, in December 2018 - May 2019. The sample technique, namely simple random sampling, was 58 samples. Data processing techniques by editing, coding, entry, cleaning, and tabulating. The analysis of this study is univariate analysis
The results of the study can be seen from 58 respondents found to have the most vulnerable age respondents, namely at the age of 35-45 years (36.1%), 29KK (50%) respondents worked as farmers. The low category of knowledge about Open Defecation as many as 19 families (32.8%) respondents, the negative attitude category about Defecation Defecation as many as 19 families (32.8%) respondents, and 62.1% who have the Defecation habit
More than half (50%) of the people studied had a high level of knowledge, had a positive attitude towards habits, and had defecation habits not being drained. To anticipate things above, the need to increase community knowledge and attitudes towards the use of latrines for defecation by providing information about latrines. And it is recommended to the health center and sub-district to provide assistance and good communication about the importance of defecating in the toilet.

Keywords: Defecation Habits Indiscriminately Place
Bibliography 15 (2004 - 2017)


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