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Studi Deskriptif Tentang Perilaku Penjamah Dalam Mengolah Makanan Di Instalasi Gizi Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Kabupaten Sawahlunto Tahun 2019

Fajri Razes (161110008)
Descriptive Study Of The Behaviour Food Handler with Food Processing In Nutritional Installation Of Sawahlunto District Regional General Hospital 2019
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Behavior of handlers or officers directly related to food and equipment ranging from the preparation, cleaning, processing, transportation to serving food processing. Problems found during the processing of handlers in processing food do not behave well when processing food, such as not wearing work clothes, talking a lot when processing food and not washing hands before and after processing food. The purpose of this study was to determine the behavior of food handlers in the nutrition installation of Sawahlunto District Regional General Hospital 2019.

This type of research is a descriptive study conducted in December 2018 until February 2019 in Nutrition Installation of Sawahlunto District Regional General Hospital. The sample in this study was all food handlers obtained by 23 people. Primary data obtained from direct interviews and observations using questionnaires and checklists and analyzed univariately.

The results of the study were 23 handlers in processing food obtained good knowledge about handling as much as 73.9%, handling attitudes in processing good food as much as 100%, handling measures in processing food were quite large 52.2% and all facilities available 100%.

We recommend that the head of the Sawahlunto Hospital Nutrition Installation always maintain and supervise sanitary hygiene and handler behavior in processing food. And to food handlers at the Sawahlunto Hospital Nutrition Installation to always prioritize cleanliness and correct behavior in food processing.

Keyword : Knowledge, Attitudes, Actions, and Facilities
Literature : 23 (2009-2017)


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