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Gambaran Kandungan Boraks Pada Bakso Yang Dijual Oleh Pedagang Di Perumnas Pagambiran Kecamatan Lubuk Begalung Kota Padang Tahun 2019

Shandy Rizky Bernanda

Picture Of Borax Content In Meatballs Sold By Traders In Perumnas Pagambiran Lubuk Begalung Sub-District, Padang City in 2019.

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Meatballs sold by traders in Perumnas Pagambiran, Lubuk Begalung Sub-District, among them have characteristics that contain borax such as taste that is sharp, chewy, and creates a bitter taste and the possibility of traders using borax.The problem of the existence of borax in meatballs sold in Perumnas Pagambiran, Lubuk Begalung Subdistrict needs to be investigated, because in this region there has never been any research.The purpose of this study is to determine whether or not there is borax in meatball traders in Perumnas Pagambiran, Lubuk Begalung Subdistrict, Padang City in 2019.

This type of research is descriptive to describe the content of borax in meatballs sold by traders. The sampling technique uses total sampling, namely traders selling meatballs. Sampling was done by data collection carried out by examination on February 1 to 10, 2019 at the Padang Ministry of Health Polytechnic laboratory. Data processing is done univariately and is presented in the form of tables and narratives.

The results of the study showed that from 8 meatball traders, meatball samples were taken on different days, on the first day the samples were taken 8 meatballs and the second day 8 meatballs, with 16 grains of meatball samples studied, some samples had characteristics of meatballs containing borax and after examination Laboratory can be concluded that all samples do not contain borax.

Meatballs sold by traders in Perumnas Pagambiran Lubuk Begalung Sub-District do not contain borax. Therefore, the researchers hope that the need for supervision by the Health Office, the health center and BPOM to the public about the effects and health effects caused if consuming foods containing borax, and the need for socialization, counseling to the community that can be represented by the health center or how to the characteristics of foods that contain borax so that people are more careful in buying or consuming food, especially foods suspected of containing borax.

Key words : "Borax, Pagambiran"
Bibliography : 16 (2002-2019)


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