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Pemeriksaan Angka Lempeng Total Pada Alat Makan Di Rumah Makan Lamun Ombak Khatib Sulaiman Kota Padang Tahun 2019

Ida Yufrina

Examination Of The Total Plate Count On Equipment Eating At Lamun Ombak Khatib Sulaiman Restaurant In Padang City 2019.

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The cleanliness of cutlery is the most important thing that must be taken care of besides food worthiness. Cutlery that is not washed clean can cause
remaining organisms or germs will multiply and contaminate the food that will be placed on it. At the lamun ombak khatib sulaiman restaurant in padang, the washing process already using running water but directly placed on the shelf and not disinfected. Then research needs to be done about Examination Of The Total Plate Count On Equipment Eating At Lamun Ombak Khatib Sulaiman Restaurant In Padang City 2019.

This type of research is descriptive that is looking at the describe of the washing process in the form of washing facilities and washing techniques and laboratory analysis to find Total Plate Count (ALT) contained in equipment eating used in Lamun Ombak Khatib Sulaiman Restaurant In Padang City. When the study was conducted in February-June 2019. The population is all of equipment eating and the sample is equipment eating after the plates, bowls, cups and spoons finished washing, which will be used and saved 4 pieces on each of all. Sample examination is carried out in the laboratory health polytechnic ministry of health padang.

Total plate count on equipment eating at Lamun Ombak Khatib Sulaiman Restaurant In Padang City 2019 has fulfilled the permitted conditions by Decree of the Minister of Health 715/Menkes/SK/V2003 about requirements hygiene sanitation catering services which is a maximum of 100 colonies / cm2

It's better for this restaurant already available drying place of equipment eating, in washing techniques, before washing all equipment soaked first, do disinfection after washing, and after rinsing wipe with a disposable cloth and does not cause scars.

Key Word : Washing facilities, washing techniques, washing purposes and Total Plate Count
Bibliography : 14 (2001-2018)


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