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Gambaran Baku Mutu Air Limbah Domestik dari Sumber Pencemar pada Batang Agam di Nagari Padang Tarok Kecamatan Baso Kabupaten Agam Tahun 2019


Standard Description of Domestic Waste Water Quality from Pollutant Sources in Batang Agam in Nagari Padang Tarok, Baso District, Agam Regency in 2019

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The source of the pollution of Batang Agam in Nagari Padang Tarok, Baso Sub-district is the drainage of market waste and the household waste of the surrounding community to be immediately disposed of into the river body, so that the river Batangagam has garbage and turbid water. As a result, currently the river stem is physically polluted and has been marked by changes in the color of water. This study aims to determine the description of the quality standard of domestic waste water from pollutant sources on BatangAgam in Nagari Padang Tarok, Baso District, Agam Regency in 2019

This research is descriptive type, where data collection is done by examining the parameters of pH, BOD, COD and TSS on the pollutant source of BatangAgam. The point of sampling wastewater for laboratory examination was taken at the source of direct pollution in the market (point 1 / T1) and settlement (point 2 / T2) on the Agam Rod. Data analysis was done manually then compared with the Minister of Environment and Forestry Regulation Number 68 of 2016 concerning Domestic Waste Water Quality Standards.

Based on the results of examinations that have been carried out the market waste has pH 7, BOD 180 mg/L, COD 801 mg/L and TSS 450 mg /L. The results show that only pH does not exceed the threshold of quality standards. Whereas for inspection of residential wastewater has pH 6, BOD 162 mg/L, COD 430 mg/L, and TSS 200 mg/L. The results show that only pH does not exceed the standard quality threshold.

It is known that market waste and settlements are not in accordance with the specified quality standards. It is recommended that the Batang Agam river not be used as a source of raw water or clean water because the river water has been polluted..

Keywords : Waste water quality standards, markets, settlements
References 19 (2001 - 2017)


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