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Gambaran Sanitasi Pasar Nanggalo Kota Padang Tahun 2019

Livea Ninda Ramadhina (161110013)

Descriptive Sanitation of Nanggalo Market in Padang City in 2019
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Market sanitation is an effort to control through supervision and examination of the effects of the market that are closely related to the emergence or spread of an illness. The purpose of this study was to determine descriptive Sanitation of Nanggalo Market in Padang City in 2019. Based on the initial survey, from the observations made at the Nanggalo Market there were still rubbish scattered about, not having trash bins, not having enough toilets, toilets not separated between men and women, not having hand washing facilities equipped with soap and running water the drainage canal was found to be partially open and blocked by garbage
This research is descriptive, which describes the description of Nanggalo Market Sanitation in Padang City in 2019. This research was conducted in December 2018 - June 2019. Primary data was obtained from direct surveys to the field (observation).
The results of the study found that the sanitation conditions of Nanggalo Market in Padang City from the condition of clean water and the quality of food and food were categorized as healthy. Conditions of toilets, waste management, drainage, hand washing, vectors, disinfection are categorized as unhealthy. So the sanitation condition of the Nanggalo Market in Padang City is categorized as unhealthy.
It is hoped that market managers will provide trash bins, hand wash rooms, separate toilets and increase the number of toilets.

Keywords: Sanitation Market of Nanggalo
Literature 13 (2006 – 2018)


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