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Gambaran Intensitas Kebisingan dan Keluhan Subjektif Pekerja Pabrik Bagian Produksi di PT Mutiara Agam Kabupaten Agam Tahun 2019

Livea Nindy Ramadhina

Description of the Noise Intensity and Subjective Complaints of Production Section Factory Workers in PT Mutiara Agam Agam Regency in 2019

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Noise in the workplace is often a problem for workers. Generally it comes from work machines, generators and various treatments that move and contact metal, compressors and so on. . This noise at PT Mutiara Agam comes from the palm oil processing machinery. The workforce is exposed to noise for 8 hours per day. From the results of interviews with 10 workers, 8 workers experienced subjective complaints. The purpose of this study was to describe the noise intensity and subjective complaints in factory part production workers at PT Mutiara Agam, Agam Regency.
This type of research is descriptive, which is to know the description of noise intensity and subjective complaints of workers in factory parts production workers at PT Mutiara Agam. The population in this study were all workers in the production factory part of PT Mutiara Agam with a total of 54 people. The sampling technique with random sampling method with the number of 35 people. Data that has been obtained is then processed and analyzed by univariate analysis.
The results showed that the highest noise intensity in the production process in the engine room was 97.45 dBA above the TLV and the lowest was in the clarification of 76.92 dBA. Workers who experience high subjective complaints are as many as 20 people (57%) and experience low subjective complaints of 15 people (43%).
It is expected that the company provides a barrier on the transmission road so that intensity of noise can decrease on its own. In addition, workers are also required to wear ear mugs or ear plugs while working and provide sanctions if officers do not use them while working.

Keywords: Noise Intensity, Subjective Complaints

Bibliography: 20 (2000-2019)


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