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Gambaran Pemeriksaan Pemandian Umum di Rimbo Panti Kabupaten Pasaman Tahun 2019

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Overview of inspection of Public Baths in Rimbo Panti Pasaman Regency in 2019
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Public baths are public places and facilities by using natural water without prior treatment which is used for bathing, relaxation, recretion, or sports activities, and is equipped with other facilities. Which comes from hot water and needs to be monitored by the quality of the water by conducting surveillance at the Rimbo Panti Public Bath in Pasaman Regency. This study aims to determine the results of the examination at the Rimbo Panti Public Baths in Pasaman Regency in 2019.

The type of research carried out by descriptive study is to describe the results of physical, biological and chemical water sample examination at the Rimbo Panti Public Baths in Pasaman Regency in 2019 in accordance with Permenkes No. 32 of 2017 concerning environmental health quality standards and water health requirements for sanitary hygiene, swimming pools, solubility per aqua and public baths. The sampling location is the public bathing place in Rimbo Panti, Pasaman Regency in January - May 2019.

The results showed the temperature in the public bathing pool water temperature in the range 29 - 38 C and did not meet the requirements. Clarity during the first measurement of sunny weather was 1.5 m and the second measurement when 1.8 m of rain, total coliform content of 460 content of total coliform, pH measurement of 7, and dissolved oxygen content of 6.48 mg / L.

For managers, it is expected to be able to make a roof on a bathing pool so that the water is not directly exposed to sunlight and so that the temperature is maintained. Furthermore, it is expected to drain at least once a day in a public bathing pool in order to avoid the occurrence of pollution to water.

Keywords: Public Baths, Water Examination, Total Coliform
Bibliography: 15 (1992-2017)


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